‘Be thankful for every point earned’ – Mbungo tells AFC Leopards

Ingwe were able to gain a point from a 0-0 draw against the Brewers on Sunday at Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos

AFC Leopards need to be thankful for every point they pick from Kenyan Premier League (KPL) matches, coach Casa Mbungo has said.

The club fought and picked up a point from their goalless draw against league leaders Tusker and Mbungo says the point is very important especially because it has been earned during very trying financial moments for the club.

“For every point we get, I always thank God because he is the one who gives us the energy to do what we have to do especially in our trying moments as a club,” Mbungo told reporters during his post-match interview.

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“We have had very few training programmes and not all players do show up even for those sessions and getting a point gives us a chance to thank our God.”

Mbungo has confirmed he will still remain Ingwe’s head coach despite earlier assertions he had resigned due to unpaid salaries.

“I am still here [at AFC Leopards] and we will prepare for our match against Mathare United on Sunday but I will leave for the Christmas holiday and come back later,” he revealed.

The Rwandan coach further praised his players for sticking to their game plan and said, without financial problems, AFC Leopards has a good team that can deliver great achievements in the future.

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“Tactically, we were superb and we had a lot of shots on target, unfortunately, we did not manage to get a goal. We would have actually scored from the chance Vincent Oburu failed to convert late on but we will fight another day,” he concluded.

“AFC Leopards have players, the staff, the technical bench and visionary officials but the only problem is lack of money. If there is money this is a strong team but if there is no money to run this club then it will be a big challenge even in future for everyone.”

They are eighth with 19 points after 13 matches.


Don’t just look at Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards, Kenyan football is dead – Aduda

The K’Ogalo boss openly claims clubs are suffering in the local league and something urgent should be done before it is late

Gor Mahia official Omondi Aduda has revealed the state of Kenyan football is in ICU and will need radical changes to be revived.

The K’Ogalo CEO now says the current state of the sport is affecting all those involved, including Kenyan Premier League (KPL) clubs, and not only giants Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards.

“All is not well in Kenyan football, let’s call a spade a spade and state the things the way they are and not only Gor Mahia or AFC Leopards are suffering, but the whole fraternity is suffering,” Aduda told Goal on Monday.

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“It is not easy for clubs in [KPL], teams are suffering, look at Chemelil Sugar, a good team from the past seasons but now conceding six goals and above anytime they are playing, is that the Chemelil we used to know? I don’t think so, we should stop lying to ourselves and state the issues the way they are.”

On Gor Mahia players skipping training for the last 11 days, Aduda told Goal: “Let’s be realistic here we are human beings, those players have families to take care of and what they are demanding is their money which is acceptable.

“The players need to pay bills and even take their kids to school. All we can do as Gor Mahia is to work hard and get the money to pay them, there is nothing to discuss here, they have opted to stay away, and so we must get money to pay them.”

Aduda also wondered where on earth are clubs competing in any top league are ordered to pay matchday officials.

“How on earth did they reach the decision to ask clubs to pay referees? Aduda questioned. “What kind of a league will you have if you ask the same teams to pay match officials, not a good sign and such issues will bring down the league.”

Aduda also said it was wrong for KPL to give broadcasting rights for free saying they are supposed to generate revenue.

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“How on earth to do you give live broadcasting rights for free, what is [KTN] doing with the rights, [FKF] should sell the rights not give for free,” Aduda continued.

“You see now in Ghana the new FA is a month old and already they are giving clubs money, balls and that is the way to go, we don’t have a brand in Kenyan football and that is the reality for now.”

The Kenyan league has already witnessed Sony Sugar being relegated after skipping three matches owing to financial constraints.