This Week on Explore (11/8)

polar bear and buggy blog

Happy Polar Bear Week! In partnership with Polar Bears International, we spent all week learning about polar bear migration, the importance of sea ice, and what we can do to help solve the climate change crisis.  If you watch the polar bear cams, you can still play Polar Bear Cam Bingo and win prizes. Learn more here!

PolarBears_CamOp Arya_11.1.19

It’s dinner time in South Africa and what’s on the menu? A giant catfish! Watch as this incredible Nile Crocodile snatches a large catfish for a quick snack.

Africam Croc Eats Catfish

Today, we kicked off Veteran’s Day weekend by announcing our matching fundraiser with Service Dog Project. Donate now and help gift a service dog to a veteran!

honor the fallen (1)

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