This Week on Explore (11/22)

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Elephants are known for their complex social structures, and they travel in large groups that can include generations of family. It’s no surprise that elephants often come to the aid of family members, old and young, when they need it. This week on one of our Mpala cams in Kenya, family quickly came to the aid of an elephant calf who fell into the watering hole. Watch the clip of them working as a team to protect their own.

New livecam alert! Please welcome the Save the Manatee cam located in Blue Spring State Park which gives manatees a warm home during these frigid winter months.

save the manatees uw

Good news for the polar bears! This week, several bears moved offshore as sea ice began to freeze up, marking the beginning of their winter hunt. To watch the developing chill, visit our Cape West Cam at Wapusk National Park.

polar bear stretch

The temperatures are dropping so stay warm while enjoying the best views of nature indoors. With a wide variety of wildlife, come watch the Mississippi Flyway cam for non-stop entertainment.


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